The "PBN (Private Blog Network) Project" on GitHub is a toolkit for creating Private Blog Networks. It outlines a workflow for assembling a domain database, selecting domains from categories like free or pending, and obtaining statistics. The project focuses on using domains with a history, particularly dropped domains, and retrieving content from public archives. The content is processed and restored for upload to WordPress after domain acquisition. The repository includes scripts related to content parsing, restoration, and domain management.

The technology stack for the PBN (Private Blog Network) Project includes various programming languages and tools. Primarily, it leverages Python for scripting, which is used for content parsing, restoration, and domain management. The project also utilizes WordPress, a popular content management system, for uploading and managing website content. This combination of Python and WordPress is central to the project's functionality, enabling efficient handling of content from public archives and its integration into the web platform.

For more specific details about the technology stack and implementation, you can visit the GitHub repository: https://github.com/cpaclub-asia/pbn

Python, SEO: PBN, киберсквоттинг освобождающихся доменов
Написано максимально быстро, на скорую руку, чтобы был результат, на микросервисность, стиль прошу не обращать внимания.

Интереснее в результатах (и технологиях, которые были применены - в собранных освождающихся доменах присутствуют 40% уникальных доменов, отсутствующих в публичных базах.

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